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Our CD, DVD, Craft and Record Dividers are made from sturdy .030 styrene plastic, with round corners, and available in white or black.

Audio/Video Lovers - Get your music collection organized by buying a set of 26 styrene plastic CD Dividers, DVD or LP Dividers. Each set also includes 2 alphanumeric sticker sheets so you can organize alphabetically, by genre, year, band name, or about any other way you want. You can also purchase additional sticker sheets to make sure you have enough letters and numbers. We offer a 25% discount coupon when you order 4 or more CD or LP Divider Packages. Whether you're a dedicated LP audiophile, or just like to listen to CDs you haven't digitized yet, nothing is better than being able to quickly grab a record or CD you want to hear (before that ear worm goes away)!

Crafters - Our 5.5 x 8.5 Craft Dividers are perfect for identifying and sorting.

No minimum order for craft, CD or DVD blanks.

CD divider and sticker sets for retail
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